The UP Greek Tourism Advertising Campaign

On March 23 2012, Up Greek Tourism, a private initiative promoting Greece as a touristic destination, will be announcing the successful completion of its first task, to place a giant billboard in Times Square, New York, inviting Americans to visit Greece. The electronic billboard, which will be on display for 30 days, will remind the public of the natural beauty of the Greek land.

In just 20 days, Up Greek Tourism surpassed its goal by raising $20,352 from private individuals to fund a billboard advisement in New York City. About 50 percent of the supporters were located outside Greece, including Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Qatar, Russia Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, U.A.E, U.K. and U.S.A.

The project was managed by Greeks around the world on a voluntary basis, with no budget or hired professionals. Using LoudSauce as its platform, the campaign was mainly promoted via social media networks, such as facebook and twitter.

Source: VIMEO

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